Sunday, November 22, 2009

2 state titles for TTU Knight Raiders Chess Team

The Texas Tech University Knight Raiders A team just captured two Texas State Collegiate Championships. International Masters Gergely Antal and Davorin Kuljasevic captured 1st and 2nd in the individual competition.

Together with International Master Gabor Papp and Chase Watters, the Knight Raiders A team captured the state team title on tiebreaks over the powerful UT Brownsville team, led by the top seed GM Mauricio Flores. UT Dallas finished in a distant third and the Knight Raiders B team finished 4th.

This is the first time Texas Tech sends an A team to the state championship and this is also the first state title for the Knight Raiders. Congratulations to all the team members!

Top 10 individual standings:

1IM Gergely Antal2543TTECHA 4.5141014.5
2IM Davorin Kuljasevic2581TTECHA 4.014.51016.5
3GM Mauricio Flores2663BUTB 4.0138.515
4FM Max Cornejo2405BUTB
5Arturo Gracia Jr2094BUTB 4.09.5610.5
6IM Gabor Papp2597TTECHA 3.5141016
7NM Nelson Lopez II2197UTD 3.0138.514.5
8NM Yashodhan Gogte2186UTD 3.0138.514
9NM Bradley J Sawyer2224BUTB
10Chase Miles Watters2018TTECHA 3.010611.5
11John K Hendrick2185HUSTTH

Top 3 teams:

1TTECHATexas Tech University 'A' Team - Cnt: 412.0304735.2539

IM Gergely Antal 4.5

IM Davorin Kuljasevic 4.0

IM Gabor Papp 3.5

Chase Miles Watters 3.0

2BUTBUniversity of Texas at Brownsville - Cnt: 412.0233927.7535

GM Mauricio Flores 4.0

FM Max Cornejo 4.0

Arturo Gracia Jr 4.0

NM Bradley J Sawyer 3.0

3UTDU of Texas at Dallas - Cnt: 58.02744.518.528

NM Nelson Lopez II 3.0

NM Yashodhan Gogte 3.0

NM Chaitanya Vaidya 2.0

NM Francisco Guadalupe II 2.0

Medina Parrilla 2.0

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