Thursday, January 13, 2011

The annual SPWO will be in Chicago in 2011

Artwork by Mike Magnan

The annual Susan Polgar World Open for Boys and Girls were held in Las Vegas for the past 5 years. Even though the event was very successful, many parents and coaches have asked to have it modified to make it even bigger and better.

Because it was held alongside with the National Open, the dates could not be changed. Many parents said that a number of schools are still not out in early June and quite a few students have finals around that time. They also requested to have the tournament in another more centrally located destination instead of Las Vegas.

Therefore, after consulting with the Polgar Committee, we have decided to move the 6th annual Susan Polgar World Open for Boys and Girls to beautiful Chicago in October during the Columbus Day weekend. This would be much more convenient to all players, including many in the East Coast.

There will be more prizes and scholarships than ever. A new website with all the details will be up shortly.
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