Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Photos from 2012 SPF Girls' Invitational at Webster University

Over 640+ pictures from the 2012 SPF Girls' Invitational have been uploaded at high resolution. Here is the link to all the pictures so far.


SPGI Blitz Championship Results:

SPGI Puzzle Solving Championship Results:

SPGI Parents and Friends Results:

Main Event Final Standings

1 Alice Dong W26 W12 D8 W9 W6 W2 5.5
2-4 Michelle Chen W27 W20 W11 W7 W3 L1 5.0
2-4 Annastasia Wyzywany W31 W15 W4 W5 L2 W12 5.0
2-4 Katherine Davis (top u/13)
W19 W17 L3 W22 W20 W11 5.0
5 Zoe Lemon W37 W42 W23 L3 W7 D9 4.5
6 Margaret Hua W18 W14 D9 D8 L1 W16 4.0
7 Rachel Ulrich W28 W22 W10 L2 L5 W20 4.0
8 Anupama Rajendra W36 W24 D1 D6 L11 W22 4.0
9 Taylor McCreary W29 W16 D6 L1 W14 D5 4.0
10 Carissa Yip (top u/10)
W32 W35 L7 W15 L12 W27 4.0
11 Miranda Liu W33 W25 L2 W24 W8 L4 4.0
12 Vanita Young W38 L1 W26 W35 W10 L3 4.0
13 Maraani Kamphorst H--- H--- H--- H--- H--- W44 3.5
14 Shayna Provine W41 L6 W27 W25 L9 D19 3.5
15 Rebecca DeLand W30 L3 W29 L10 W25 D21 3.5
16 Carmen Pemsler W39 L9 D32 W41 W18 L6 3.5
17 Cassie Parent W48 L4 W40 L20 D21 W32 3.5
18 Michaela Abernathy L6 D41 W34 W23 L16 W33 3.5
19 Haley DeLuca Lowell L4 W39 L25 W40 W35 D14 3.5
20 Joy Chen W34 L2 W31 W17 L4 L7 3.0
21 Aiya Cancio L42 L23 W46 W32 D17 D15 3.0
22 Amelia Wyzywany W45 L7 W36 L4 W26 L8 3.0
23 Soumya Kulkarni D46 W21 L5 L18 W38 D28 3.0
24 Lucy Cai W43 L8 W37 L11 L27 W36 3.0
25 Mina Takahashi W40 L11 W19 L14 L15 W38 3.0
26 Bria Castro L1 W46 L12 W37 L22 W40 3.0
27 Hannah Farell L2 W38 L14 W45 W24 L10 3.0
28 Varenya Chilukuri L7 D34 L41 W46 W42 D23 3.0
29 Anjana Murali L9 W45 L15 L38 W43 W35 3.0
30 Skylar Hsu L15 L31 W48 L36 W45 W42 3.0
31 Diamond Abdus-Shakoor L3 W30 L20 D42 L33 W43 2.5
32 Anna Sun L10 W47 D16 L21 W41 L17 2.5
33 Collette Wright L11 L40 D43 W34 W31 L18 2.5
34 Anne Ulrich L20 D28 L18 L33 W39 W41 2.5
35 Abbey Gillett W47 L10 W42 L12 L19 L29 2.0
36 Helen Lou L8 W43 L22 W30 U--- L24 2.0
37 Tori Whatley L5 W48 L24 L26 L40 W45 2.0
38 Iris Zhou L12 L27 W39 W29 L23 L25 2.0
39 Tatiana Hoppens L16 L19 L38 W47 L34 W46 2.0
40 Yvonne Ward L25 W33 L17 L19 W37 L26 2.0
41 Jenny Gu L14 D18 W28 L16 L32 L34 1.5
42 Amy Sun W21 L5 L35 D31 L28 L30 1.5
43 Ananya Murali L24 L36 D33 W48 L29 L31 1.5
44 Susanna Ulrich U--- U--- U--- U--- W46 L13 1.0
45 Gisele Delgado L22 L29 W47 L27 L30 L37 1.0
46 Austen Janna Borg D23 L26 L21 L28 L44 L39 0.5
47 Mallory Fee L35 L32 L45 L39 D48 U--- 0.5
48 Kendra Fee L17 L37 L30 L43 D47 U--- 0.5

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