Monday, July 31, 2006

My weekly commentary

My commentary of the week

Many people asked me about my training regiment for a big chess event. Well, one of the most important parts of training for me is physical fitness. I cannot stress this enough. I worked very hard on my physical condition before World Championships, Olympiads, Women’s World Chess Cup and big events like the NYC Mayor’s Cup.

Being physically fit is my secret to be able to play 56 consecutive games at 4 Olympiads without a break. Being fit also played a major role in me breaking 4 world records for playing 326 players simultaneously and 1,131 games consecutively in nearly 17 straight hours. I gave the same advice to my American teammates at the 2004 Olympiad. I worked!

To be a good chess player, you must be physically, mentally and emotionally fit.

Good luck!
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