Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Confirmed players as of 7-24-08

Confirmed players for the 2008 SP National Invitational for Girls:

Alabama - Hannah Hellwig
Arizona - Sayaka Foley
Arkansas - Crystal Qian
California (Northern) - Rebekah Liu
California (Southern) - Nisha Deolalikar
Colorado - Alexandra Lasley
Connecticut - Alexandra Wiener
Delaware - Ann Marie Fitch
Florida - Rita Mirchandani
Georgia - Ananya Roy
Hawaii - Ashbea Oyadomari
Idaho - Erica Barkell
Illinois - Sonya Vohra
Indiana - Emily Tallo
Iowa - Dhrooti Vyas
Kansas - Katrina Pritchard
Maine - Sorel Edes
Maryland - Fiona Lam
Massachusetts - Michelle Chen
Michigan - Ashley Carter
Minnesota - Morgan Mahowald
Mississippi - Melanie Newell
Missouri - Joanna Gossell
Nebraska - Elizabeth Oliver
New Jersey - Eve Zhurbinskiy
New Mexico - Rebecca Anne DeLand
New York - Linda Diaz
North Carolina - Amelia Wheeless
Ohio - Brianna Conley
Ohio - Rebecca Lelko
Oklahoma - Michelle Farell
Oregon - Taylor Bailey
Pennsylvania - Shinan Jin
South Carolina - Hannah Whatley
South Dakota - Kaitlynn Loos
Tennessee - Autumn Douthitt
Texas - Sylvia Yang
Texas - Rheanna English
Utah - Jamie Olsen-Mills
Utah - Janice Chen
Virginia - Susan Brown
Washington - Leanne Hwa
Wisconsin - Mira Ensley-Field
Special Invitation - Courtney Jamison

Special Invitation - Angel Bohannon
Special Invitation - Brianna Conley
Special Invitation - Georgia Olvera
Special Invitation - Sarah Garza
SP National Open Qualifier - Claudia Munoz
SP World Open Qualifier - Annie Wang
SP World Open Qualifier - Alisha Chawla

Here are the previous champions:

2007 (Cherry Hill, NJ): Julia Kerr (NY) and Eunice Rodriguez (FL)
2006 (Oak Brook, IL): Abby Marshall (VA)
2005 (Phoenix, AZ): Anya Corke (CA), Alisa Melekhina (PA), Abby Marshall (VA)
2004 (Ft Lauderdale, FL): Roza Eynullayeva (MA)
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Anonymous said...

This is exciting! Just 10 more days!

Anonymous said...

whats the highest rating ?
1900 or 2000?
does winner get scholarship?

Anonymous said...

Courtney Jamison @ 2038 it the top-rated player.

TimeForChessDojo said...

This list is a little different from the (as of 7/14)list. Some are new, changed, or dropped. This list is more reliable, I imagine :-)

Anonymous said...

A formatting error:

Wild Card - Victoria BianS
pecial Invitation - Georgia Olvera

should be:

Wild Card - Victoria Bian
Special Invitation - Georgia Olvera said...

The confirmed chess players of Northern California, Rebekah Liu, and SP World Open Qualifer, Alisha Chawla are on a TV show called "Chess Diva", produced in California. The show is to promote more girls and women to play chess since it is a male dominated game.
Please watch the show and learn about both of these talented players!

Anonymous said...

Are only the confirmed players going to be paired?