Sunday, August 01, 2010

New SPGI Committee Chairwoman

Martha is in the white shirt on the right side of the picture

The annual SPGI (formerly known as SPNI) had a brand new format this year. In addition to the puzzle solving, blitz, bughouse and the main event, all participants received more than 4 days of intense chess training, based on a system designed by me specifically for girls. As I mentioned many times in the past, girls approach chess very differently than boys and this new training method will no doubt revolutionize girl's chess in America for years to come.

This new format is overwhelmingly favored by the participants and their parents / coaches according to the survey given at the end of this year's SPGI. The 2011 SPGI will have a similar format. The only major change is the training will be reduced to 3 days and the 3 day main event will have much longer time control.

I am also happy to announce that the SPGI Committee has a brand new chairwoman. Her name is Martha Underwood from Arizona. She teaches at Arizona State University and she is also a devoted Chess Mom. The previous chair was Mr. Dewain Barber, who co-founded the event with me back in 2003. Mr. Barber has retired after dedicating decades of his life to scholastic chess.

I feel that it is important to have a new Chairwoman who understands and possesses a strong passion for scholastic / girl's chess, and has no personal / political agenda (just as Mr. Barber). Martha always puts the best interest of the kids first. She is a devoted Chess Mom who has attended numerous scholastic chess events of all sizes. Her first hand knowledge in many aspects of scholastic / girl's chess will help the SPGI grow to a whole new level.

Thank you Dewain for your wisdom and service to help our young players. Thank you Martha for volunteering to make scholastic / girl's chess stronger and better.
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