Thursday, April 12, 2012

9th Annual Susan Polgar Foundation Girl’s Invitational (FREE rooms and meals for official qualifiers)

Rules and Conditions for the 9th Annual Susan Polgar Foundation Girls' Invitational (SPGI)
July 22 – 27, 2012 at Webster University (St. Louis, Missouri)

Over $100,000 in chess scholarships, chess prizes, netbook computers, etc.

The annual Susan Polgar Girl’s Invitational, the most prestigious all-girls event in the United States, will be held at Webster University (St. Louis, Missouri). The opening ceremony will be at 1:00 PM on July 22. The format this year is similar to 2011.

• There will be a two (2) day intense world class training sessions with Susan Polgar and her team, followed by a 6 round (g/90+30) championship tournament.
• The traditional Blitz, Puzzle Solving, Bughouse events will stay the same as in previous years.
• There will be many chess prizes awarded, including scholarship(s) to Webster University.

Each state is allowed one representative to be nominated by June 1, 2012. Official representative alternates may be substituted no later than June 15. (Susan Polgar and/or the Polgar Committee may allow the host state to enter an additional qualified player.) Susan Polgar and/or the Polgar Committee may allow exceptions to the June 1 entry/alternate deadline. Should the state affiliate fail to respond to the notice for this tournament, Susan Polgar and/or the Polgar Committee may determine the candidate from that state.

Players must have been enrolled in a school (up to 12th grade) located in the state they represent, also of the year in which the tournament is held. Home-schooled students who are under the age of 19 on July 27th of the year in which the event is held or students who have never attended college on a full time basis prior to June 1 of the year in which the tournament is held, are eligible to represent the state in which they reside.

Exception: If a player graduates from high school early and is already attending college, she may still represent her state if nominated. This is the decision of each state affiliate.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: The participants of the Susan Polgar Girl’s Invitational DO NOT have to be high school students. Any qualifier under the age of 19 (by July 27th of the year in which the tournament is held) is eligible!

Special invitation for this year only: All past participants of the SPNI and SPGI (Susan Polgar National Invitational/Susan Polgar Foundation Girls’ Invitational 2004-2011) are invited to participate in the 2012 SPGI. The idea is to have the past participants learn my method of training so they can go back home and share their knowledge with the younger players. However, registration MUST be made ASAP since space is limited. There will be mutual training sessions for all, however separate section & prizes for alumni participants over the age of 19.

Players are required to furnish the organizer an emergency phone number and the e-mail address of a parent/guardian.

There is no entry fee to participate in the 2012 SPGI; however, players are responsible for their own travel. For all state representatives, and qualifiers from the SPNO or SPWO, Webster University will provide complimentary room and meal accommodation on campus.

For alumni participants, wild card/special invites, coaches, parents, or other family members, inexpensive accommodations are available for housing and dining on Webster’s campus. Please note that all reservations and registrations MUST be made (and accommodation expenses prepaid) no later than June 25, 2012.

Prizes: Trophies / plaques will be awarded to the winners of the Susan Polgar Foundation Girl’s Invitational Puzzle Solving, Blitz, and the SPGI Championship. Co-champions are recognized in the case of a tie, with each champion receiving a Champion’s Plaque or Trophy. The Champion (or Co-Champions) will automatically be invited to defend her/their title (must meet age requirement).

Champion: Webster University scholarship (approximately $13,000 per year x 4 years) + netbook computer + Champion's Plaque / Trophy
2nd place: Webster University scholarship (approximately $13,000 per year x 4 years)
Top under 13: netbook computer
Top under 10: netbook computer

The scholarship must be exercised no later than the Fall of 2015.

The New Polgar Committee’s goal is to have all 50 states (including two representatives for California, two for Texas, and two for Missouri) and the District of Columbia represented. We strongly encourage each state and the District of Columbia affiliate to hold a scholastic championship tournament to determine each state’s champion and representative. Failing this, rating criteria may be acceptable. A scholastic girls’ champion or the highest rated girls’ scholastic player in a state who has no state affiliate of the USCF should contact the Polgar Committee as soon as possible.

Susan Polgar and/or the Polgar Committee and its members may elect to award wild cards each year for the Susan Polgar Girl’s Invitational.

Special qualifying events: The Polgar Committee will award automatic qualifying spots to the reigning winners in each section of the annual
Susan Polgar Nationwide Open for Girls (New Orleans) and the Susan Polgar World Open for Girls (Chicago).

The new SPGI Chairperson is Martha Underwood (AZ).

NOTICE TO ALL STATE OFFICIALS: Please send the nomination from your state to the Polgar Committee (

For information and rates to stay and/or dine and other logistics on Webster’s campus, please send an email to

Contact info: Polgar Committee (

Michelle at Webster University 314-968-7468

The Susan Polgar Foundation can be contacted at 806-281-7424 or through

Webster University is located at 470 E. Lockwood Avenue Webster Groves, MO 63119

BIG THANKS to President Dr. Beth Stroble and Webster University for hosting and sponsoring this very prestigious event for girls!

Friday, April 06, 2012

Susan Polgar Nationwide Open for Boys and Girls


A Fantastic Tournament in a Great Location!

June 1 – 3, 2012
(Friday – Sunday *** SAVE THE DATES!!)

Holiday Inn Downtown Superdome
330 Loyola Ave.
New Orleans, LA 70112

The Holiday Inn Downtown-Superdome is located in the Central Business District of New Orleans, just 3 blocks from the French Quarter. Hotel features include: free shuttle, restaurant, pool, and more!


MAIN EVENT: Team & Individual - 6-Round Swiss System

SIDE EVENTS: Bughouse – Blitz – Puzzle Solving – Polgar Simul – Aquatic Simul

$99 Hotel Room Rate

* Top 3 player scores count toward team result

* School or club team trophies awarded in each section

* Special Camp with Susan Polgar

* Breakfast With Susan Polgar (Q & A Session)
Team & Individual Competition

If you will be in New Orleans long enough to experience some of the wonderful culture that the city has to offer, may we suggest some of the following tours:

Louisiana Swamp Tour: Weave through the back bayous of the Honey Island Swamp on a small 20- passenger boat and visit an authentic Cajun Village accessible only by boat . . . and then pass through the alligator area where the gators come right alongside the boat for feeding time!

Steamboat Natchez Cruise: Cruise the Mississippi River on a paddlewheeler from the port of New Orleans to the Audubon Zoo and see the city skyline from the best view possible . . . the River View!

Oak Alley or Laura Plantation Tour: Go back to the glory of the old South as you walk through one of these plantation homes, rich in Creole Louisiana's storied past!

Other tours you may enjoy: French Quarter Walking Tour, Garden District Walking Tour, Cemetery Walking Tour (visit St. Louis Cemetery #1 and see the gravesites of Paul Morphy - World Chess Champion in the mid-1850s - and Marie Laveau (the infamous Voo-Doo Queen of New Orleans); visit Mardi Gras World (where Mardi Gras floats are built and Carnival comes alive!).

Other Interesting Places to Visit and Things to Do Around Town:

Audubon Aquarium of the Americas, Audubon Insectarium, national World War II Museum, Louisiana Children's Museum, Audubon Park & Zoo, take a ferry boat ride across the Mississippi River, and take a street car ride up St. Charles Avenue in the Garden District to see all of the mansions along the Avenue.


Take a walk down to Decatur St. by the River in the French Quarter and see Jackson Square, St. Louis Cathedral, the French Quarter, and be absolutely sure that you get a chance to have some Cafe au Lait (Cafe O-lay) and Beignets (ben-yeh's) - also known as Coffee & Doughnuts - at the famous Cafe du Monde across from Jackson Square! This will be an experience you will not soon forget! If you have time you can also take a Horse & Carriage ride through the streets of New Orleans with a driver who is an experienced tour guide.

But, whatever you do in New Orleans, make sure you HAVE FUN ! ! ! !