Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Special mission

These are some of the young ladies that inspire me to work hard everyday to help young chess players across this country, especially girls. My goal is to introduce chess to every child in America.

No, they do not all have to be the next world champion. However, I would like to see all children benefit from chess in many ways, especially in school and everyday life.

I promise that as long as you stay in chess, I will work hard to help you. Excel through Chess and Win with Grace, Lose with Dignity!
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Anonymous said...

Thank you for everything you've done for young girls in America. You're the perfect role model they can look up to.


Anonymous said...

Susan ~ this is GREAT! Thanks for launching your girls blog and all that you do for girls in chess! It just takes one leader like yourself to begin something important and great making such a difference in girl's lives. Others will follow.....