Monday, March 13, 2006

Endgame Precision

White to move. Is White lost here? What should White do? Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Susan, I don't know. Can you give a hint please?

Anonymous said...

Without taking a chess board out and working out the possiblities, it's seems black wins easy. I see that if the black king moves in on the pawns and takes one the other will queen. I'd have to guess that at best, white could get a draw.

Anonymous said...

White will win.
First, don't touch top-right corner. If black king moves first, one of white pawn can promote. If white pawn moves first, black king will catch both.
Therefore, the first move for white is King moves G-1. There are 2 scenarios for white:
1. Pawn F moves F-3 (or H3): King moves F-2 (H-2).
2. Pawn G moves G-3: King moves G-2.

For scenario 1. Black has only 2 choices:
1. Pawn G moves G-3: Kings catches pawn F-3. Later, King can catch the G pawn no matter black moves G pawn or H pawn.
2. Pawn H moves H-3: Kings moves G-3. Later, King can catch either F pawn or H pawn.

For scenario 2. Black has to either move pawn to F-3 or H-3. King can easily catch them.

With White king moves to G-1, none of black pawns can promte. At last, this board will have "white king", "white queen (promoted)", and "black king". Therefore, white will win!