Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Caroline Zhu - Susan Polgar All-Star Team Member

Caroline Zhu, TX - 1681 (Highest rating 1697)

I started playing chess when I was in kindergarten. I learned to play the game in the after school where we had a group chess lesson. I won the 1st place trophy and cup in the Texas Girls Scholastic Chess Championship when I was eight years old in 2004.

From then on, my parent realized that I might have some talent in chess, and send me to take chess lessons from GM Babakuli Annakov at his home. He is a great teacher. I’ve enjoyed taking chess lessons, and learn a lot from him with plenty of fun. I won 2nd place in the 9th Annual Grade Championship Nov. 2005, got 1st place in the Texas Region III Scholastic Chess Championship in January, 2006. I also received 2nd place in the US Junior Open in July, 2006.

I love to play chess and win trophies. I will keep practice and win more and bigger trophies.

Congratulations to Caroline!
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Anonymous said...

COOL! YAY! Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

go caroline!
this is grace! rock on smartie!

Anonymous said...

O__O Good job Caroline! ur good...

Anonymous said...

oh my god caroline lol your elo is just too dang high.

Siquan said...

She is a beautiful and smart girl.