Thursday, July 09, 2009

Revised SPNI Schedule


July 25

5:00pm: “Warm-Up” Quads (G/30) at the English Building (R1 at 6pm)

July 26

1:30pm–2:30pm: Opening Ceremony – Frazier Alumni Pavilion

3:00pm–6:30pm: Round 1 of SPNI – Frazier

8:00pm Movie Night at the English Building

July 27

10:00am Ribbon – Cutting of TTU Chess Park

1:30pm–5:00pm: Round 2 of SPNI and round 1 of Parents/Friends Open – Frazier

7:00pm: SPNI Chess Puzzle Solving Championship – Frazier

7:30pm: Free lecture by Susan – Frazier

July 28

10:00am Campus Tour

12:30pm Meet and have your pictures taken with the “Masked Rider” – Frazier

1:30pm–5:00pm: Round 3 of SPNI and round 2 of Parents/Friends Open – Frazier

7:00pm: SPNI Blitz Championship – Frazier

July 29

10:00am SPNI Fun Basketball Game

1:30pm–5:00pm: Round 4 of SPNI and round 3 of Parents/Friends Open – Frazier

7:00pm: SPNI Bughouse Championship – Frazier

July 30

10:00am Campus Tour – Free gift bags available

1:30pm–5:00pm: Round 5 of SPNI and final round of Parents/Friends Open – Frazier

7:00pm-8:00 Fun Dance Class – Frazier

July 31

10:00am–1:30pm: Round 6 of SPNI – Frazier

2:30pm: Closing Ceremony – Frazier

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