Friday, August 21, 2009

IMPORTANT: Scam Alert!

I just found out that someone created the website to promote an event by the name Susan Polgar Junior International. This event is supposed to take place on October 9-12, 2009 in Boston,

There is NO such event.
I have NOTHING to do with this "so called" event.
I am NOT organizing this event.
This event is NOT affiliated with the Susan Polgar Foundation.
This event is NOT affiliated with FIDE.
I have never approached FIDE with such event.
This event is NOT affiliated with Rochester Chess.
I have NOT promoted such event on my blog.
I have NOT advertised such event in Chess Life.
Please do NOT send entry fees for this event.

All of my events would be promoted on this blog, Chess Life, and other reputable chess sources. When in doubt, send me an email at

The perpetrator copied and paste information from my legitimate websites and/or past events to make things look authentic. But This is a complete scam and I am reporting it to the proper authority. If you know who is behind this scam, please let me know immediately so I can forward the pertinent information to the authority.

Thank you!
Susan Polgar
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Unknown said...

please report all scams at, find reported scams, and tell your friends about this site.

chessbook said...

Thank's for info