Monday, June 14, 2010

Over $150,000 in chess scholarships and prizes awarded

Anu Bayar (Mongolia), and Maria Roselle Vicencio (Philippines) - Winners of the Texas Tech Scholarships (each scholarship has a value of approximately $36,000 for out of state students).

Anu Bayar (Mongolia), Christina Kao (CA), Maggie Fang (OH), Gia Peterson (CA), Randel Eng (AZ), Tom Polgar (TX), Winston Zeng (CA), Anthony Zhou (CA) each won an awesome netbook computer with over $600 in chess software and DVD installed!

Since 2004, the Susan Polgar Foundation has awarded approximately $1.5 million in chess scholarships and prizes to young chess players, thanks to our many sponsors and supporters!

Full results in each section can be seen here:

Many pictures will be posted right here within the next week. Please check back and please feel free to download any picture you wish.
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